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Information Security & Systems Support Officer

Purpose of the Role

The Officer’s role will be to identify areas where opportunities for risks exist, facilitate communication between concerned parties and suggest alternatives and mutually agreeable solutions. He/she will be responsible for the security of the bank’s existing network and networked enterprise, web based and core systems. He will ensure maximum security of the banks infrastructure, applications, databases and the communication systems.

As a secondary responsibility, he will participate in the implementation of business software requirements for simple and/or complex systems by analyzing, designing, developing, testing, deploying, interfacing and supporting both in-house and acquired ICT systems.

Information Security

  1. Establishes and manages targets and budgets for the security functions.

  2. Prioritize and initiate actions that will bring users in compliance with Enterprise Security Policies and Standards.

  3. Report known or suspected violations of Enterprise Security Policies and Standards and known or suspected compromises of sensitive information assets to relevant persons i.e. HOD, Tech and OPS, Legal Department, Information Technology Manager, Human Resource and Senior Management.

  4. Investigate and resolve violations of Enterprise Security Policies and Standards that degrade the operation of critical systems and/or compromise sensitive information assets.

  5. Coordinate and work closely with Spire Bank’s Internal Audit Department in Risk Management and in facilitating (and tracking) the resolution of control weaknesses for the ICT Shared Services.

  6. Presents security status and project status to senior Management on a consistent basis.

  7. Monitoring internal control systems to ensure that appropriate information access levels and security clearances are maintained

  8. Performing information security risk assessments and serving as the internal auditor for information security processes

  9. Participate in the organization’s disaster recovery and business continuity plans for information systems. Act as the assistant Departmental Continuity Coordinator (DCC).

  10. Serving as an internal information security consultant to the organization monitoring advancements in information security technologies

  11. Monitoring changes in legislation and accreditation standards that affect information security

  12. Reviewing all system-related information

IT Systems support and integration. (10%)

  1. To analyze, design, develop, deploy and support interfaces that facilitate data exchange to and from the core banking system and all other specialized Systems and subsystems deployed to other units.

  2. To ensure data security through secured file creation, encryption and transmission.

  3. Supervise communication technology services of the Bank with a keen interest in the security and compliance concerns of the setups.

  4. Perform monitoring functions to ensure the security of IT Systems at all times

  5. Advise on project implementation on all activities involving the Network, security and system resources.

  6. Liaise with various project teams to determine the hardware and software security requirements of projects.

  7. Participate in the information technology and systems planning exercises undertaken at the bank.

Policy Formulation

  1. Support and participate in the development of IT standards and Policies

  2. Documenting the information security policies and procedures instituted by the organization’s Information Security Committee

  3. Coordinating the activities of the Information Security Committee

  4. Ensure systems integrity and security at all times

  5. Ensure rational SLA compliance and liaise with ICT Data Centre to negotiate any adjustments.

  6. Ensure effective utilization of ICT resources including safe custody of all computer software and hardware accessories.

  7. Negotiate, draw up and manage maintenance contracts for software and hardware, within delegated authority, to meet business requirements.

IT Projects

  1. Actively participate in projects relating to the area of

  •            Network implementation,

  •            communication setup,

  •            system setups and integration

  •            Information security to ensure effective implementation and documentation.

  1. Participate in projects initiated by the business as per the customer requirement or enhancement of provisions

Network and Telecommunications Management (15%)

  1. Monitor the LAN and WAN systems to ensure that Network Operating Systems support databases, documents, resources and datafiles are kept in top operational and secure status at all times.

  2. Ensure proper security to the LAN/WAN by stringent management of the Firewall.

  3. Monitor security, uptime and service quality of all the banks e-banking product offerings.

  4. Monitor security, uptime and service quality of all the banks sms banking product offerings

  5. Monitor and ensure all the systems which rely on the communication infrastructure are at the optimum and secure perfomance. Eg SWIFT, RTGS, CDSC.

  6. Monitor the maintenance on the telecommunication system to avoid disruption of services due to security reasons.

  7. Precieve test and supervise the installation of telecomunication hardware to ensure compliance with set security standards.

Knowledge Management and Advisory Support.

  1. Provide ICT Operations staff training and support on hardware familiarization and maintenance, recommend training needs to both bank and IT operations staff to the ICT management especially in the areas of security and controls.

  2. Advise management, Vendors, and collegues on subject matter expertise.

Key Responsibilities

Business Growth & Development – 70%

  1. Grow the branch customer base and expand the business growth through marketing of the Bank’s products and services.

  2. Ensuring revenue growth through customer acquisition, new need identification, product cross-sell and re-engineering.

  3. Ensure that the target market selection criterion is adhered to and that we are in full compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) requirements.

  4. Organize and Participate in customer calls for marketing initiatives.

  5. Assist in identifying customer needs not met by existing products and the implementation of new products and services.

  6. Achievement of set revenue target for the Branch by aggressive customer acquisition, efficient product delivery, offering a diverse range of products and excellent customer service.

  7. Keep abreast of the rapid pace of product development to be able to sell new products.

  8. Come up with customer service initiatives that will boost service and business growth.

  9. Market research to monitor competitor activity and initiating product improvements to meet the changing consumer needs.

  10.  Efficient management of individual and overall departments’ budgets and ensure deadlines are met.

  11. Preliminary appraisal and vetting credit applications before submitting to Credit Risk for review

  12. Growth of the asset book and actively managing the loan portfolio in the branch to include facility reviews, renewals and all other day to day monitoring activities of borrowing accounts in the branch

  13. Follow ups for Loan arrears and None Performing Accounts as per the credit policy guidelines

Service Delivery & Customer Satisfaction – 10%

Ensure effective provision of customer service in line with the Bank’s policies and regulatory requirements as follows:

  1. Manage customer relationships for the bank.

  2. Preparation of all reports required to monitor work progress – daily, weekly and monthly performance against set targets.

  3. Providing an interface between the bank, existing and prospective customers in order to maintain good customer relations so as to meet customer needs within the strategic objective of the bank.

  4. Overseeing the relationship management of assigned customers.

  5. Ensure an effective call program is maintained on all allocated relationships and prospects. The calls should be recorded and filed.

  6. Make recommendation for existing and prospective customers under the various loan products and submit to the appropriate final authority within established turnaround time.

  7. Manage customer queries, complaints and other correspondence in a timely manner and within set standards for customer satisfaction.

  8. Manage the Complaint’s Register.

  9. Assume direct responsibility for a Branch business process improvement project aimed at improving the branch ability to deliver efficient and timely service to its customers.

  10. Be conversant with policies and procedures pertaining to all bank products and services and be able to adapt to change in these as well as technological changes, and customer sophistication.

Other Responsibilities

  • Extra duties and assignments outside the main responsibilities at the discretion of Branch Manager and Senior Management.

  • Organize &/or attend bank events and promotional activities.

Business Processes – 5%

  1. Ensure bank policies, procedures and interdepartmental SLAs are adhered to

  2. Ensure audit rating is satisfactory and implementation of the audit exceptions is above 70%

  3. Enforce operational risk controls ie policies and procedures, audit report findings, frauds, dormant accounts, excesses & TODs, management of overdrawn accounts.

  4. Adherence to KYC & AML guidelines in the account opening process and continuous monitoring of the accounts held in the branch.

  5. Ensure frauds and operational losses do not occur.

  6. Manage and maintain branch physical assets.

  7. Ensuring continuous achievement of the bank’s financial and operating goals in line with the statutory-legal framework.

  8. Timely preparation and submission of all statutory and bank reports.

  9. Fostering a corporate culture that promotes ethical practices and good corporate citizenship in line with the bank’s code of ethics and prescribed business conduct.

People – 10%

  1. Succession planning and developing effective business continuity plans in the branch.

  2. Leave management.

  3. Staff capacity building by providing continuous training and guidance while providing leadership, direction, coaching and mentorship to direct reports.

  4. Management of overall staff performance/appraisals to ensure optimum productivity levels and staff discipline

  5. Innovation & Change

Financial Performance – 5%

  1. Continuously analyzing revenue streams from the various Business Development functions while spearheading all direct selling activities of the branch.

  2. Mobilization of deposits and actively managing all deposits to ensure the cost of funds is as low as possible and renewals are effectively managed.

  3. Growth of the Assets book and actively managing the assigned loan portfolio to include new facility reviews, renewals, PAR and all other day to day servicing and monitoring activities of borrowing accounts in the branch.

  4. Credit monitoring of assigned portfolio and liaising as required with the Branch Manager.

  5. Ensuring all revenue due to the bank from facility fees, ledger fees and all bank charges is collected and that there are no income leakages in each area.

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