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Other Banking Services

1. Collection and Deposit Placement (Call/Fixed Deposits)

For organizations that would be receiving and holding large deposits, we have established collection avenues with our strategically placed branch network and innovative deposit collection methods. We offer competitive interests on both call and fixed terms coupled with short and long term investment tools to enable you to earn passive income on these funds.
A total of 12 branches across Kenya and a strategic focus of additional branches in the region, allows us to receive deposits from various locales. For individuals in a region without the presence of our physical branch, they are able to send money to bank accounts in Spire Bank via our M-Pesa module.

2. Salary Processing

We are pleased to advise that we are in a position to offer salary processing services that shall enable the company to access a complete end to end salary payment solution. This solution shall consist of an internet banking platform that shall allow authorized users to process salary payments, as and when need be, at the comfort of their offices.
For each employee, Spire Bank is able to provide a competitively priced salary account with minimal charges that shall grant each employee flexibility and convenience in accessing their cash.
The benefits to the employer and the employee are extensive as shown below:

Employer BenefitsBenefits
Ease of salary paymentsSalary is received in a timely manner.
Ease of reconciliation of accountsAccess of funds in any part of the country through the
Kenswitch network and MasterCard enabled ATM e.g.
I&M Bank, CFC Stanbic, Eco Bank, Family Bank, Bank of Africa, Spire Bank , KCB etc
Lower costs of transferring funds to meet salary costsDebit card can be used in any point of sale to make purchases
Secure salary processing which reduces occurrence of fraudTop up M-Pesa account from your bank account
Increased operational efficiency

3. Card Services

Senator Card is a Division of Equatorial Commercial Bank and was founded in 1984 with the objective of starting card business in Kenya. Senator Card was the first charge card in Kenya. The Senator brand of Cards command a substantial market share in Kenya under three brands, namely, Visa, MasterCard and a Senator Private Label. All Senator Card products under the Visa and MasterCard brands are internationally accepted. Under the Visa and MasterCard brand we have 2 types of cards, which are Standard and Gold cards. The difference between the two cards vis a vis the card limit are;

– Standard Card – Card limit ranges between Kshs 10,000-249,000.
– Gold Card – Card limit ranges from Kshs 250,000 and above.

4. Merchant acceptance

In Kenya there are 0ver 4,000 merchants who accept & welcome senator cards with many more on the way. Our cards can be used at any outlets where Visa, MasterCard and Senator Card signs are displayed.

4. Multicurrency Prepaid Cards

In addition, we are pleased to advise that we offer multi-currency prepaid cards which are MasterCard branded and thus have international acceptance. With a prepaid card you are able to load up to a maximum of USD 10000 per card wile each user is allowed to hold up to a maximum of two cards thus allowing one individual to carry substantial amounts of cash in a safe and secure manner.
The prepaid card product is also supported by a self-care web portal that allows you to manage the card product by being able to access a number of critical services such as account blocking, account statement and alerts.
Prepaid cards can be reloaded through our branches and also through either the M-Pesa or Airtel Money mobile money transfer services.
Card Holder Benefit:

– Access your Money 24X7 in over 30 million outlets, 800 million ATMS worldwide.
– Competitive interest rates & fees.
– 48 hours emergency card replacement.
– Zero lost card liability once you report card is lost in writing.
– Free entry to the duty free lounge at Jomo Kenyatta international Airport for Gold cardholders**.
– 24×7 access to customer service.
– Ability to make online purchases.
– Receive E-Statement every month.
– Receive SMS Alerts for: All transactions and Due Date reminder (5 days before actual date)

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