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Spire Personal
Pay as you go

An Account that understands that you are on the go,
designed to meet you there.

An Account dedicated and designed to grow deposits

balances while making your life as easy as possible.

Free Personal Accident Insurance.

Get access to a host of Insurance packages
from SIB on this account.

Whether you are starting out or have several years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to be your ideal financial partner.


Min Opening bal. – Ksh. 1,000

Min operating bal – Nil

Monthly ledger fee  – Kes 33 per transaction; Min. Ksh.330

Over the counter charges – Ksh.100

Debit card fee – Ksh.550

Free monthly statement

OTC charges – Free

-Bank statements – Free Monthly statements

-Cheque book availability – As per tariff

           -25 Leaves –  Kes 440

           -50 Leaves –  Kes 880

           -100 Leaves –  Kes 1,760

-Internet banking access fee (Monthly) – Ksh.110

-Free Online banking

-Free SMS alerts for ALL debit transactions

  SMS alerts for Credit transactions upon sign up at   a flat cost of Kes 20 per month

-Go Mobile set up fee – Ksh.110 – One off

-Inter account transfers – Free

-Linked to a Free Savings account

-Incoming Salary – Free

-Available in foreign currency – USD, GBP, EURO


– Account holder enjoys Free Personal Accident Insurance Kes 100k per year.  Monthly premium Kes 13.00.  Annual is Kes 156.00.  Refer to process of premiums management.  Refer to process of premium management (appendix 1)

Convenience banking through a variety of banking tools ie Mobile, Debit card, Online Banking, ECB Branch Networks, Post Bank branches, ATM, Cheque book, RTGS, Swift, Money Transfer services

Prequalified Credit Card depending on ones income*

Access to a host of Credit Facilities – Unsecured Personal loans (check off), Secured personal loans, Mortgages, Car Loans *

Salary advance up to 50% of average 3 months’ salary if passing through ECB account

Your story starts here.

You’ve worked hard to get your business where it is today.
And Spire can help take it even further.