On the Road With Spire Bank.

Your first road trip will blow your mind. The first time you get into the car and drive off to see the world, you will feel like Vasco Da Gama, Christopher Columbus even. The world will be yours to explore, it will be yours to live and so you will live through it. Every meter forward will feel alien and bring you alive. It will all be an adventure.

The thing about inaugural road trips, is that the send off is made out to be the real adventure, but it really is not. There are bigger things. The decision to go out is the real adventure, after that it does not really matter how big the send off party is. You’ve already done the biggest amount of work. Well, unless you are thinking of pulling out.

A bunch of you will pile into a car and drive off. You will pack everything you will (think you) need; a playlist that dares attempt to be endless- no thanks to the loop button, salty, fried junk food because there really is no better place to work on adding some weight than in a moving car…and then, if you are really funny (and a tad realistic) you will all throw on some sandals because being caught in a car that smells like moist socks is no fun.

But all the packing in the world won’t save you from mistakes. Two hours into the drive, you’ll want something rather than potato chips, dive for fruits and come up with nothing…and opt to dehydrate instead.

Water is the mother of all refreshments, couple it up with that amazing playlist that is filled with hit after hit, after hit and you have the perfect setting for ‘road trip karaoke’. You will sing, until you spot a fuel station and then, only then will everyone suddenly need to use the bathroom. The whole car will dump the sing along to urge the driver drive faster, the closer you get to the fuel station the louder the demands will get. So that the minute the car pulls into the station, you will all jump out of the car; rushing to find bathrooms… Before quickly invading the store and stocking on more junk food. It will be an hour later, on a stretch of road between nowhere and nowhere, before anyone realises that you forgot to fuel your van. And a state of panic shall kick in before the realisation that a jerrycan of reserve fuel exists kicks in.

Scares are great for a road trip, more often than not, they help you make better (advised) decisions in the future. You will take inventory, assign roles so that next time you make a stop; it won’t be a haphazard one, at least that’s what you hope.

It remains just that though, hope. Things run smoothly for a minute. You drive into the next town; stock up on those fruits that you didn’t have in the first place, get your fuel to full tank and service your reserves. Only to get three punctures on your way out of town, when you’ve only got one spare! That adventure you were looking for arrives in all it’s glory.

Banking is like that first road trip. So much can go wrong, in fact, anything that can go wrong probably will. You will report* losses because people run out of fuel sometimes. Then you’ll pull yourself together, only to incur worse losses; and the friends that saw through the fuel deficit will see you through the multiple punctures and support you to conquer worse terrain. Banking is the first road trip, the adventure that inspires you to go on another adventure, and another. Banking with Spire is the aspiration to be more than you were at your last adventure.