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Spire Salary Account

Meet Peace & Tranquility, your preferred financial partner.
No more worries about your Salary.

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Our Salary Account is custom fit

for your needs,no matter where you are in life.

A Bespoke solution, for you.

We have a range of options dedicated to professionals in every sector,
including health, education, engineering and agriculture.

Whether you are starting out or have several years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to be your ideal financial partner.

- This account is suitable for Salaried individuals who have few transactions each month.
- It will be ideal where the Bank goes to recruit many accounts under Scheme arrangements.
- Targets individuals with a Gross salary of up to Kes 40,000.
- Evidence of salary (latest payslip/job card) to be provided alongside the account opening documents


-Unsecured Personal loans via Check off arrangements with Employer*

– Salary advance up to 50% of average 3 months’ salary if passing through Spire account*

-This product targets the Spire individual “special attention” customer who requires personalized care while enjoying optimal benefits in their Banking arrangements.

– This account allows the customer to enjoy “free banking” as long as a minimum balance of Kes 300,000 is maintained throughout.

– If minimum balance rule is flouted, the account converts to a pay as go account under normal tariff.


– Minimum opening balance – Kes. 500

– No monthly ledger fees.

-Min. Operating bal – Ksh.100

-Salary Bracket <Kes 40,000=

-Over the counter charges – Ksh.100.

-Over the counter charges – Ksh.100

-Debit card fees – Ksh.550

-Bank statements – Free Quarterly statements

-Cheque book availability – No

-Go Mobile set up fee – Free

Your story starts here.

You’ve worked hard to get your business where it is today.
And Spire can help take it even further.