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Banking Services.

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Spire Bank Paybill Service – Business No: 498100
You can now easily deposit cash into any Spire Bank Account 24/7 via M-PESA Business no. 498100
Enjoy more convenience by paying your Senator Card bill through M-PESA using Spire Bank Paybill no. 498100.
M-PESA retail service. Enjoy fast M-PESA cash deposit and withdrawal services at any Spire Bank branch countrywide.
A service for all Safaricom M-PESA customers – including Non-Spire Bank Customers.
Available over the counter across all branches for Cash Deposit & Withdrawals.
M-PESA Super Agent service.
A service for Safaricom’s M-PESA agents.
Available over the counter across all branches for float purchase & redemption.
M-PESA bulk payments.
A service for SPIRE corporate clients with requirement for multiple money transfer to mobile beneficiaries
Ideal for wage and salary payments for unbanked staff.
Charges are Kshs. 66/- per beneficiary transfer
M-PESA pay bill collection service
A convenient, fast and flexible cash deposit service into SPIRE accounts, Credit and Pre-paid card.


Western Union
This innovative transfer service allows you to send and receive your Western Union money transfer through your Spire Bank account. Visit any of our branches or use Internet Banking to move money directly to or from your bank account.
With MoneyGram, it’s easy to send money to your loved ones around the world. Visit any of our branches or use internet banking to conduct your transactions.


1) Inter Account transfers – moving money from one Spire
Bank Account to another Spire Bank account via mobile phone
2) M-pesa & Airtel Money transfers – moving money from Mpesa to Account and Vice Versa Airtime Top-up
3). Bankers cheque request
4) Bill Payments (KPLC, ZUKU, Nairobi Water& DSTV)
5) Card Blocking and Unblocking
6) Prepaid Card Application
7) Credit card Application
8) Cheque book requests
9) Stop payment requests


1) Cash Delivery – Involves safe movement of bulk cash from the bank to customer premises
2) Cash Pick Up – Involves safe movement of bulk cash from customer premises to the bank
3) Wage Packeting – Involves safe movement of bulk cash from the bank to customer premises being payment for pre-packaged wages respective of name & dues.

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1) Cheques issued to non SPIRE customers:-


A banker’s cheque is an instrument of payment drawn on the bank itself payable to the order of a specified payee for payment within a local area. It is a guaranteed payment acceptable to payees unwilling to accept a normal/personal cheque.
SPIRE BANK has two banker’s cheques products:-
1. SPIRE BANK Bankers cheques for Account holders.
• These are banker’s cheques requested by SPIRE BANK account holders
• They can be drawn for any beneficiary (Individual, business, corporate or institution).
2. SPIRE BANK banker’s cheques for third-parties (non-account holder).
• These are banker’s cheques requested by SPIRE BANK account holders and non-account holders alike.
• They can ONLY be drawn for qualifying beneficiaries (Individual, business, corporate or institution) as follows:-
• Bankers cheques drawn being of school fees and where beneficiary is limited to an educational institution.
• Bankers’ cheques drawn for payment for purposes of statutory payments i.e. Customs and; Excise duty, Income tax, NHIF and NSSF payments.
• Banker’s cheques drawn for specialized purposes such as IPO where the beneficiaries are known.
● Fast TAT of 15 Mins
● Safe
● Reliable
● Convenient
● Affordable
● Acceptable
1. Request and issuance of banker’s cheques can be done at any branch of SPIRE BANK
2. Request via SPIRE BANK online for SPIRE BANK account holders
3. Requests via GoMobile for registered account holders.