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Senator Cards

Senator Cards opens you up to a world of the things you cherish most. We put the power in your hands
to take advantage of those moments in life when you need to access your money, that moment that
will change everything. What’s more you get the best of both worlds…. VISA and MasterCard

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1. Senator Standard International Card
(Visa Classic / MasterCard)

When you have reached that place in life when you want to reach for that upper echelon. Designed for the young upcoming professionals and executives.

2. Senator Gold International Card.
(Visa Gold / MasterCard)

This card suits the life of prestige
and class you have become accustomed to.

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Senator Card Features

1. Convenience

With our lives becoming busier, Senator Cards give you exactly the convenience you need whether at home or abroad.

2. Acceptability

You can make all your transactions 24 hours a day in over 200 countries, at over 30 million outlets, and 800 million ATMs worldwide that display either the Visa or MasterCard logos.You do not have to worry about changing currencies.
In Kenya there are over 5000 merchants who accept & welcome Senator Cards, with many more outlets on the way.

3. Flexibility

The card gives you the choice to settle the bills in minimum amounts or in full. What’s more, you have access to both Visa and Mastercard.

4. Interest Free Period

Get up to 50 days interest free credit, when you sign up for any of the Senator Cards

5. Cash Withdrawals

You can withdraw cash at Spire Bank Branches and ATM’s or any ATM displaying the Kenswitch, Visa or MasterCard logo.

6. Zero Lost Card Liability

Once you have reported your card is lost in writing, one enjoys zero liability on charges arising after report on card loss.

7. Timely Budgeting

Your senator Card statement gives you a comprehensive record of your spending, no matter where it happened which helps you monitor your spending, manage your finances and save money.

8. Mobile on Line Tools

Receive free SMS and email alerts to help you keep track of your expenses.
Email statements give you the peace of mind of knowing your bill well in advance.

9. Personalised Service – 24 hours

You need not worry about time zones, wherever you are; call and a warm reception will greet you from the card centre leaving you feeling appreciated and attended to.



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Supplementary Cardholder

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Prepaid MasterCard

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Successful applicants will collect their Senator Card from their respective
choice of collection point within 72 hours.

For more information, please contact us at:
Mwalimu Towers, Upperhill
P.O. Box 52467 00200, Nairobi
Tel: +254(20) 4981777
Cell: +254 703 047777